Christmas Morning In Maldon

Above the Town of Maldon in a sky of blue and gray
The sun is getting warmer on the morning of Christmas Day
The magpies songs are carrying in the freshening mountain breeze
Soughing in the leafy branches of the gum and wattle trees

The dry brown country in view of Tarrengower could do with lots of rain
The creeks down to a trickle and bone dry every drain
And though rain does come in it's own time as often has been said
The long range weather forecast has more warm days ahead

For the Town and high countryside of Maldon that looks so brown and dry
Where it has not rained that much at all since Winter and July
Yet today around the barbeques the families will celebrate
And there will not be a shortage of alcohol or of food on any plate

The mountain Town of Maldon serene in the sunlight
In the park a small group of carol singers are singing Silent Night
Though many in bed hung over and not feeling all that well
From a heavy night of drinking in the Kangaroo Hotel

On Christmas morning in Maldon in the sky of blue and gray
The sun is brightly shining it will be a warm day
The high countryside in view of Tarrengower is looking dry and brown
But people will celebrate today in the sunlit mountain Town.

by Francis Duggan

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