(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Christmas Part 1 - Christmas Tree

Coloured lights and tinsel.
Hang from almost every branch.
Card with little jingles.
Also make their stance.
An angel stands on the top.
Looks down with peace and good will.
The tree is almost ready now.
To stand by the window sill.

14 Nov 1978

by David Harris

Comments (5)

memory lane.......78 was great.....year I gradgitated (spelt wrong on purpose this time: O) ...don't know how I did it....thanks again for the memories
the year my last child was born, my daugther was born 9-14-78 so this christmas was her first. a great piece of poetry my friend.
I was nine years old in 1978 and this takes me right back there, brilliant words David Love duncan X
If only christmas was full of love and good will... its sell sell sell, the message as gone to hell... David...8
Ah yes, a very sweet Christmas poem, I love beautiful Christmas poems.-------Melvina