Christmas Presents

Every year Grandma gets a tin of talcum powder.
She always says, ‘Ah my favourite!'
Even before she opens the wrapping
Grandpa always says, ‘Well, I know what's in here.
Its two pairs of socks. Just what I wanted!'

This year, Aunti Vi had an umbrella in an umbrella-shaped parcel,
I mean, it looked just like an umbrella.
And, before Aunti Vi pulled the paper off,
She said to Mum, ‘It will match that new coat of mine.'

As for Mum and Dad, they just sat there and said,
'We've given each other a joint present this year
It's a digital clock radio for our bedroom.'
Do you know, they didn't even bother to wrap it up and put it under the tree!

At the end, when everything had been given out,
Mum said, ‘We mustn't forget the gift-vouchers from Debbie and Jim.
We sent them a cheque for the same amount.
We always do.'
I call that a bit unimaginative, don't you?

Maybe, when you come to think about it,
Grown-ups need Father Christmas far more than children do.

by Anonymous

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