Christmas Presents

I try not to think about June
In December,
I try not to remember
People and places, beautiful faces

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

This grabs the reader and settles us feeling sober, a great write here Uriah Love Duncan x
How sad and poignant. MY gift to you will be lots of moonlight and stardust to light your way along your path, and a beautiful maiden to help guide you.
Oh, Uriah, I want to give you another big hug, now that I've read this, it's such a sad poem, think happy please. Love Ernestine XXX
If you let go of those tears in your hands, Uriah, they may become stars in the sky. This is a good poem and now you must move on. Raynette
Nice very will have the gift of happiness soon I'm sure :)
I sure wonder who she is Uriah! Does she realize what a mistake she's made? ? ? She's a fool. Great poem. Sincerely, mary
wow! Two! (I hate it that you have to write 20 characters)