(22 November / Jakarta, Indonesia)

Christmas Reminiscences....


I must admit
our life long we are blessed
as One Top Hit

The greatest Circle
as a Miracle
we must build
time and again
never in vain

Our bottomless try
never ask why
it is our plight
to do this very tight
start with our neighbors
and form the greatest Circle
show this Miracle
based upon the greatest Circle
of human actions
and unconditional love
constantly begging and demanding
the help of our Lord, God above….

Indeed, this greatest Circle
is a Miracle
of Love and affection
we could gain that only
with God´s help and our action….

Aquarelle by Sylvia Frances Chan "The Village Didam, Netherlands"
Reminiscences After Christmas
AD. Wednesday 27th December 2017-@13.25 hrs P.M. W.E.Time

by Sylvia Frances Chan

Comments (3)

A beautifully crafted and well executed write. Great rhyme. Indeed, nothing is impossible with God's help and intervention. Amazing piece.10
A lovely message of love and peace on Christmas. Enjoyed reading.
Great poem sylvia.. Love and affection we could gain with the help of God and our action