Words And Music

With out tussle of words to say,
can I really tell him “I love you”?

With all my might I’ve been trying
to set free my words to him but
to my apprehension my lips were
withdrawn with shame in time his
means starts to flicker around me.

Oh words of all words that I can
not find to tell him, none is left for
me to do with you except to sing you.

Transmuted words to lyrics now at
last you will be heard into spawn
rhythm of my music.

Although my love hide behinds my
lullaby at night at least its substance
stumbled not when it echoed to his
ears on his sleep.

Oh my words of love, my words of
music, I will keep singing you until
he could not only hear us but feel us
when the sun rises soon in the morning.

by catty Alonzo

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Another lovely Christmas poem. It certainly takes me back to very homely Christmas's where everything was hand made and did'nt we love making the paper chains and stirring the Christmas Pud. Sincerely Ernestine Northover