Christmas Tree

I take out my plastic Christmas tree every year out of the box,
It gets all the decorations, ornaments and pretty lights,
It sits in my living room with some presents under its branches,
It looks pretty and brings the feeelings of Happy Holidays in my eyes.

My daughter buys the real Spruce Christmas tree,
With all the decorations, it sure looks prettier than my plastic tree,
I can smell the fragrance of the Alpine and snow,
It brings the visions of snowy white Christmas night.

While taking my walk around the lake on a cool cloudy day,
I find couple of live Christmas trees decorated with colorful decorations,
I find a few little birds chirping on its branches,
I see pretty geese, swan and egrets frolicking in the water behind it.

The tree stands there looking pretty in rain or shine,
It radiates its message of Goodwill in day or night,
It does not have shining lights or silvery garlands around it,
But it sure has the aura of Happiness around it.

by Jay P Narain

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we have a fake tree, have for 30 years. i miss the days when we used to buy the real trees, but they sure cost a lot, and my family says their happy with the phoney one, but your poem sure brings back memories, thanks for sharing it with us.