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Christmas Tree
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

Christmas Tree


I made you a Christmas tree because
I knew you wouldn't bother.

I picked the branch myself,
sprayed it gold and adorned it with ribbons
... and stars (just in case you wanted to
make a wish)

Someone else asked if they could have the
beautiful tree and I gave it away without a
a moment's hesitation, being caught up in the

So, you did not get to make your wish upon
the star on my tree,
but then again...
I knew you wouldn't bother

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Comments (4)

Sad Yuri, I'm sorry this feeling of love not returned....you seem like a great person though, and very giving. Oh yeah, and an excellent writer too
thanks for the comment. This poem strikes a delicate chord in me. finely woven!
This poem almost made me cry. The sadness it created is so intense. The words were simple but the flow of thought was very overpowering. I give you 10+.
A very moving poem. Your lover didn't get the Christmas tree you had thought he deserved, but he did get the poem he surely did deserve. And so have all your readers.