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Christmas Wish List
DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)

Christmas Wish List

Poem By Dwayne Bailey

What do I want for Christmas?
I will see if I can explain;
It's really nothing fancy,
but it's also nothing plain.
You see, it is not money,
or wealth upon this earth;
It's not a house upon a hill,
or a ship in a berth.
What do I want for Christmas?
You ask me once again;
But it's really hard to put in words,
the things I want within!
I geuss I could say tools,
or yet a brand new car;
Maybe a big telescope,
so I can gaze upon the stars.
But these are things I do not need,
though nice they would be.
But rather for this Christmas,
heres what I want for me.
A hug and kiss from you,
a smile upon your face;
The joy of knowing that in your heart,
I have a resting place.
These are the things I want for Christmas,
though simple they may be;
For just to see you happy,
would make Christmas for me!

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Comments (2)

This one is awesome. I really know what this feels like, especially when my girlfriend asks what i want for Christmas. One suggestion, on the line, 'You see it's not money' i would put a comma after 'see' and change 'it's' to 'it is' I think it 1. adds a pause to reflect and 2. at gives it a nicer flow. other than that it was very nice. -Paz
What a sweet and romantic poem, Dwayne. I'm sure you'll get exactly what you want for Christmas! I love it! Marilyn