Love, Where Are You?

In all that I do
I keep looking for you
It eludes me still
While testing my will
I'm not asking for much
Only strong love with a gentle touch
One that's meant for only me
Which is also heavenly
Each time I pursue,
I ask, love where are you?

by Janice Herzog

Comments (3)

This poem really touched me, it really shows the true meaning of Christmas. It was very very very good Fave. sweet christmas with u is a great poem i never u could be so good at poems Fave ur excelent, good job voted 10/10 for u and added that as my favorite poem : ->
This poem shows that sharing Christmas with others is a wonderful thing and hopefully we also remember the true meaning of Christmas. I gave you a (10) for this poem, it also showed how the sadness of being alone can hurt and cause pain. I hope your Christmas's to come will be blessed with love. Melvina