LS (June 1 1991 / Manila Philippines)

Christmas Without You

Christmas carol on Christmas day!
People are singing, joy outrage!
Christmas shopping at big malls
Girls buy party dress at small stall
Christmas lantern, Christmas lights
Everything is perfect and so right
Christmas wishes, Christmas breaks...
Now you are gone, it so hard to take
In our dining area where memories stay
I look at your empty chair
Missing the times we both love and play
Now looking at my yummy plate
Your favorite chicken pasta is served
I start talking to you
But your presence isn't there
I imagine laughing with you
We make a good conversation about lovelife
Asking what's your favorite Christmas gift
Till we'll sleep at midnight
While TV keeps on talking about Christmas life
There at sofa you are in my arms sleeping
Twisting your hands on my waist
Then I suddenly see tears on my cheeks
Everything is a fantasy
Because you are gone for good
For you are taken away by fate
But how will I spend my Christmas day?
Without you on my side, it's a nonsense...
How many Christmas do I have to spend all alone?
Everyone is happy but I don't quite belong

by Lei Strauss

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