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Christmas Woes
CA (July 28,1958 / Hinesville, Georgia)

Christmas Woes

twas the week before christmas and my vehicle died
a total kick in the head not to mention my pride
now i'm flat broke - i ain't got no ride
(and thats not even the worst part!)

the true sob story is really this:
that amid this season of glitter and bliss
'reality' has hit me and OH! what a mess
santa only takes cash or american express!

so, needless to say (as you) peer 'neathe your tree
you won't find diddly under there from me
'cos all my dough is going on wheels
and to heck with stuff like presents and meals!

but merry christmas anyway!

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very good, funny and light hearted, a very good sense of humor. your a very talented poet.