Christopher John Brennan

As a poet greatness of him one ought not to deny
Yet he is one who is hard to classify
Not a bush poet or modernist or a man of rhyme
One can't say of him he was one of his time.

The great Sydney poet Christopher John Brennan was in a class of his own
Yet lesser lights than him seem far better known
But of him it would only be fair for to say
That with words he was one who did have a way.

He did have his crosses in life for to bear
But the gifts he was born with he was happy to share
With all lovers of poetry in the big World out there
With the best of his era he is one to compare.

Highly educated, spiritual and talented one of Australia's best
His poems still published and read have survived the time test
Like many others like him in life for every up a down
There can be a price for to pay for renown.

by Francis Duggan

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