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(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There seems to be
Such an immaturity
When sexuality becomes a topic.
Being a lesbian or homosexual
Ignites an exciting conversation...
Of those who accept or oppose.
And the nonsense about this...
Everyone has both male and female,
Chromos aren't we all?
Being battered by a childish stuntedness.
Some do their best to give 'straightness'
Their 'testless' appearance.
Showing their frustrations...
Going through dating contests.
It's all quite funny,
To even think sex is sold for money.
And the importance that it is given...
When who cares who gives away what to whom?
If that wasn't done no one would be here!
Especially those who go through the motions...
Denying their 'chromos' are in the atmosphere.
And believe they qualify to give their opinion,
About who 'is' and who 'isn't.
When they have not committed to anyone,
Who wishes to have them around!
It's unbelievable this ignorance still exists!
They have no spouses.
Never been married...legally.
No significant other who would bother.
And there to say who is straight or gay!
Hoping an aging process slows...
As to allow their curiousities to manifest a taste!
In some darkened place!
But still they wont admit to being 'chromos'!

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The diversities of folk, , I would guess that most people at some stage or another have sat on the fence of uncertainty, , uncertain about who they are and why they feel so different to those around them, , whether that be of a sexual nature or on a different personal basis Another great piece from you Lawrence Love duncan X