IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Chronology Is Bunkum For My Lady Irene

The garden when the sun has set.
Becomes a very different place.
It is quite easy to forget
the fall of night cannot erase.

The beauty which we see by day.
A garden is a hallowed place.
The moon will rise to show the way
Light granted by the Goddess’ grace.

Moonlight will silver all we see.
My love and walk hand in hand.
The garden transformed magically
into our private fairyland.

The moon is smiling from on high
To see two lovers fond embrace
She knows full well the reason why
gardens by night are filled with grace.

There is a bench where we can sit.
Enjoy the quiet of night
Admire the roses silver lit
by gentle beams of soft moonlight.

The night wind rises turning cold
Remind us that its time for bed
We know that we are growing old
Surprised how quickly years have fled.

We won’t admit to being old.
Bar to each other privately.
Pretending to be young and bold.
Defying age aggressively.

Because you do not need to know.
It’s obvious we are mature
Our way of life sedate and slow.
Though you may guess you can’t be sure.

We won’t be old until we choose.
Determined to stay young at heart
Because we stubbornly refuse
To let the aging process start

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