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(September 5, 1914 / Chillán)


Poem By Nicanor Parra

In Santiago, Chile
The days are interminably long:
Several eternities in a day.

Like the vendors of seaweed
Travelling on the backs of mules:
You yawn - you yawn again.

Yet the weeks are short
The months go racing by
And the years have wings.

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There is much too much time.
This is a beautiful poem......
Long back 42years back I read his poems still it is fresh as garden tomato
Original Spanish text: ________________ CRONOS En Santiago de Chile Los días son interminablemente largos: Varias eternidades en un día. Nos desplazamos a lomo de luma Como los vendedores de cochayuyo: Se bosteza. Se vuelve a bostezar. Sin embargo las semanas son cortas Los meses pasan a toda carrera Ylosañosparecequevolaran.
Ì`m chilean and, reading this I get the feeling that Parra's work hasn't been showned to reforce the value it does have. I suggest a revision of his work and the translation of some of his wooks, or at least one, 'Poemas y Antopoemas', as a whole so the searcher gets a notion of his stetic, value and ruptures wuithin the time of the publications. He is our Ezra Pound.