(May 17,1970 / Atlanta, Georgia, United States)


The whole world's your stage, baby...
And they are waiting for you.

Uncover yourself
Show that dull wrapper
Of a shell you
Juxtapose with your own reality.

The ubiquitous throng masses
Stealing your breath
And with that needle into the red
Pushes you to insane.

To the hallmark
To that place
Angels fear to tread
Even pretty angels like you...

For in the end
It's all a show.
And the lights will dim,
We'll take our bow,

And that's that.

So crack that silk,
let the putrid juice flow-
It'll only rain for a little while,

Then you'll unfold
To prying eyes
Hungry hearts
And starving millions.

Straighten the first azure wing,
Then the other,
Pick up the first little signal...
For angels are really butterflies.

Dry your new wings.
Let confusion come and grapple you
Passion will take you as a captive
And you will learn to fly.

by Tsani Jones

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A very very beautiful poem Anjana