SAL (1946 / Dunedin New Zealand)


Like vines, our gnarling wandering branches
Will find one another and take hold
For most, the sun seems so desirable
But I would rather reach toward you
Limbs or branches gently curling
We can take it slow, starting with a simple
tangle or snag
Then, things will get complicated
Becoming intertwined. Tentacles tightening.
A knot here and there.
Even our roots will grow together
Like a deck of loosely-shuffled cards
Over time, we will become one.

by Tony B.B.

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Comments (9)

Lovely poem with a lot of truth. Nice job, Susan.
I like the name. Nice little poem to read with its shifting rhyme scheme and simple words. Not my type exactly but Im sure a lot of people could enjoy this one.
Love, passion and intimacy.........................................yielding something, something not really wanted. Yet, that is how the world is formed. Nice way to squeeze it in a poem. Well done, Susie!
It is natural for two to come together with passion to create a future. Its an excellent thing. Great thought drwan fron deep mind
Love is never-never selfish yet lust of that intimate night- in search of pleasure ignorance- baby is created- that not to be created- man purposes God disposes nice one
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