Chuck And Vous In The Fields Of Vini

three goats setting marvlous plans!
one man singing for them with note in hands!
they are having plans and all kind of designs.
luckely the man cover their sound of woes..
for no one must knows!
yet one of them leak the plan to the victim planned..
for her heart could not stand!
tell no one she say
they see her and say let her go..
into hay and a nonny no!
They chase her as she run away!
winds howling and leafs are going free
things are invisible to see!
just then Chuck himself
came running from across the fields
found this vousme
and started commanding her to yield!
you are a sliver of god on a platter
So innocent and free
maybe free the other goat say..
yet fisting is all i see!
fairer babes are born and fruits on every tree
yet you smile to her and forget that eyes can see
why this rapture and unrest?
when you can have all the day with me!

by Maxis Kast

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A nice poetic imagination, Kast. Thank you very much,