DB (July 1st,1964 / Aveyime-Battor, Volta Region, Ghana)

Chunky Slices Of Life

Life is a sweet melody
only where love is the witty lyrics
that make it a beautiful song

Life is a stream that finds its own course
only where its tracks are charted by vicissitudes
that do not cartwheel with utopian ideals

conquest is just a sword
only where trials are the sheath
that hides its nakedness

man is a smart acrobatic swinging monkey
only where woman is the cluster of supportive trees
that keep him from falling off the vacuum

a poet is a good wordsmith with prophetic vision
only where verses are not coerced from spontaneity
that aggrandizes awards and laurels for altruism

the much touted science is a genius
only where the noble arts are the only light
that brightens its grim path from self cataclysm

positivism soars high in the region of the normative
only when realism is the ideal tandem
that tilts its imbalances through tact of diplomacy

good shall triumph over evil
only where the forces of darkness are negatives
that equate the positive opposing dual fields of electricity

world supremacy is just muscle flexing
only where unipolarity is the biomass
that recycles its cowardice of a bully

religion can nurture true repentance
only where virtue is not made out of necessity
that can make nobility acquired and not inherent

immortality can successfully thrive
only where infinity is the captured vestige
that accentuates its invincibility

life is a continuous process of chunky slices
only where Sisyphus' drudge is the dint
that fuels its underlying present tense.

by Dela Bobobee

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