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Church Sin...
MA macaulay akinbami (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

Church Sin...

Let us go
To where?
The church.
The church?
Of bells, hymns and dances.
Of the pastors’ fears and lies
Of the sunday sunday 'sinnoquines'.

God and evil zonked in one
Big big buildings with the cross
My next neighbour that you know
Is a church man with a rank
Yet in sin he is lord
And daily shame Jesus his lord

I am so in sin like him
And no better than the worse
But if I must to the church
Then to sin I bid farewell
For what use is the church
If the service makes me sin
And at last I go to hell

I will not to your churches
Where it’s right to live in sin
And daily sinners plea the Blood
shed but once,
For the sins they’ll yet commit

If I leave the church with sin,
Then the church is not a church
And the clergy has lost a soul.

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great refelctions.. it is another way to see the church... i think this spiritual realism.. it does not however reflect all other positive possbilities.. great poem, good read