Inner Realm_Form Within Form_

Inner Realm
__ Form within formless__

Two birds are flying in the sky, black birds,
Under the sunrays and clouds, bright border,
The sky is empty and it is smiling deep,
Emptiness is the root of happiness.

The birds fly in the sky and, who knows why?
Flying is the root and birds are nothing,
The birds are manifest and Unmanifest flies,
In the emptiness the emptiness roams.

The journey of life is an unknown way,
The sky within sky and no sky is found,
The birds fly in the sky and sky is not,
Who can touch the sky and find its border?

Life is a journey towards death, The end,
No one sees life or seeks its border line,
No border is there between life and death.
Life is a manifest form of the divine.

The Divine is death or the Unmanifest,
The life is a subtle deep vibration,
On the bosom of death the vast ocean,
The waves and the ocean and no border.

The vast watercourse swells on the ocean,
The vast body of air blows in the sky,
The ocean and the sky both are empty,
The empty mind is the root to go far.

Beyond the manifest the obscure deep,
Life is a pain to feel the depth of being,
Light through sky no light is seen in the space,
Without death life is a drum without song.

In the depth, the pain of living life is,
It is as if nothing to feel or touch,
Life is over flow of overflowing death,
Death is flowing as the pain of living.

Life is a living pain broad, delightful.
The Unmanifest surges from other shore,
Life and death two ends that make full circle,
in the totality of one two vanishes.

In this walk of my life unknown the way,
Forlorn and being dejected in the soil,
Life is no more a life, it needs repose.
I need to go beyond form, formless lap.

by Prabir Gayen

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great refelctions.. it is another way to see the church... i think this spiritual realism.. it does not however reflect all other positive possbilities.. great poem, good read