BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Church Story (Freewrite)

Walking into the church I see their eyes
I came to praise, they came to criticize
if I wouldve been told about the glances, I wouldnt have looked so suprised
I would've came in disguise
that way, my identity wouldnt have fell victim to their lies.
I almost witnessed my own demise
The devil somehow entered the church and he's planted some spies.

Everytime I go into the church looking for an answer
I hear gossip bout someone wife, and how the others just can't stand her
I hear the lies, the stories, and usually another stories sequel
How when in the house of the lord, do I witness so much evil?

I know this wasn't the preacher's intentions when he started this church
But he often just stands on his perch, preaching to people with evil behind they smirks

I can't tell you how angry it makes me
these demonic acting people having babies
the babies gon grow up to act shady, and diss that other lady's baby
and my son won't know how 2 act
Wait, yes he will I'll show him that
you'll hear more lies then you'll hear facts
and liars usually ain't hard to track
some liars are frauds but act intact
you gotta watch out for those, they usually getcha in the back.

Let's Go Back.

Thou shall not kill
But it's okay to slander another and not care how they feel
People let's keep it real
not everybody lives the life of Jada & Will
Thou shall not steal
so stop spreading ya friends secrets when you promised they'd be concealed
Thou shall not cheat, otherwise known as adultery
I know preachers living in deceit, their sermons so faulty
Thou shall not use the lords name in vain, although it's hard to praise it
When ya pop's left you alone, You visit him as if he was incarcerated.

Yeah you fake it, go to church every sunday
figure mamas in heaven and you'll get to see her one day
You going to church for all the wrong reasons
you listen and search for someone you can trust and believe in
the lord knows that you need him, so why ain't he help you?
he knows he was wrong to give you the cards that he dealt you.

the preacher daughter Lori tells you she felt ya when you told the church ya story
how you kept going not worrying bout the outcome, like them niccas from glory
How she'd spend time with you and be there if you needed it
she offered some time to you, gave you more time when you exceeded it
she was there for the kisses and hugs
all the reminisces and all the necessary love
so you start talking and begin to love her
she reopened ya heart after you closed it to another
she knew ya flaws, and through it all remained
and when she gave you kisses it was hard to refrain
see you just had to return the favor, the feeling was insane.
9 months pass by, you go to every church service
read the bible 20 times, know how every scripture is worded
now you approach her nervous, and you feel just like
I gotta make this girl my wife, this girl saved my life
No more tears cried at night
No more loneliness
Like if I did smoke weed, she'd be my only spliff
if i did do coke, she'd be my only sniff
If i was to shoot flicks, she'd be my only stiff
if hanging from a cliff, she gives me reason to lift
On my birthday, she was my only gift
couldnt ask for more, she's thrift
Far from a gold digger
She said she loooovvvves me
shes all I neeeeeeed
I swear this Huuunnnney
Put Faith in Me............

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