Churchill - Our Catalyst

Beloved Bulldog, cherub faced,
Cigar and brandy connoisseur, impish with the victory sign,
A super guy - changed the color of the sky.
Proud and plodding - diplomatic, always tough
A Rock indeed he was for us.
This hovering plover in the rain - made the sun come out again.
When our blood ran cold with fear, he warmed us right back into gear.
As we traveled on anew - the days took on a brighter hue.
Speaker, writer, painter too - many things that he could do.
Our politician, leader, friend
He Spurred us on right to the end - of WWII
A rainbird fluttered round the bend - to victory.
(but broken necks never mend)
His booming voice, taught us to rejoice
in work, in toil, in tears - to shed the canopy of fears
All through those fateful wartime years.
This Anglo-American combination
Turned out to be a real salvation.
Who led us o’er the crooked stile?
Our Winnie with the winsome smile!
Throughout the conflict staged to win
Never, ever should we give in.

by Kathleen Bayer

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