** Cigarette- Slow Suicide For The 6 Ft. Ground

Poem By Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

listen, I am an oral person
just like you
but i can create air
full of stories even without smoke and fire
unlike you -
smoke and fire fill up the air

Your hand fingers shackled with killer sticks
cremate lungs
incinerate hearts prematurely
lips form a dark opening hole
unseen symbolic skull of nicotine-caused death
swallowing blaze of fury
sucking slow suicide for the 6 ft. grave

Listen again
I am an oral person
I haven't seen healthy tips
from “cool” flavor of cigar -
even for status symbol
nor state of belongingness
but it's a demon bluff with tricky filter
menthol bait, suave along nostril passage so smooth
savour as the chain smoker
fills up the air with cool – high stories
and speaks fallacies, pre-echoes of last well and testament
yes he utters it even before releasing passive smoke

Listen again
my friendly smokers

save life, save the air
save your remaining counted days

a clandestine message from an oral person
and that's all my concern

Comments about ** Cigarette- Slow Suicide For The 6 Ft. Ground

Such a very good poem for those smokers who seek advices from me on how to quit smoking....thanks......
This is a good poem, even for a smoker to read, i hate that i smoke, and this gives a true expression on what others think, thanks for writting

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