We Are The Time

We are the time. We are the famous
presentation of unending desire.
We are the age, not the limitless
not the old, or the one that is new.

We are the infinite design of our
own mind, ingrained in thought without
regard of confinement of reality;
contained by physical edges.

We are unable to escape our fate,
travel a river with no end.
We are the terminated immortality.
Akin the not forgotten poet Borges.

Neurons do not etch their own circuits.
However, there is something that imprints
however, there is something that gloats

by Richard Handley

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The story of the neglected girl Cinderella is beautifully poetised
Why did she cut her toe off to date a prince? That's greedy and emo.
Laughter with a stinger in the end. Excellent poem for people to read and read deep.
From Denmark! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
My first time reading this. I enjoyed Sexton’s retelling of the tale which is now among the more than two hundred, as I understand it, from all over the world. A smart, though cynical, update. -GK
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