You always read about it:
the plumber with the twelve children
who wins the Irish Sweepstakes.
From toilets to riches.

by Anne Sexton Click to read full poem

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The story of the neglected girl Cinderella is beautifully poetised
Why did she cut her toe off to date a prince? That's greedy and emo.
Laughter with a stinger in the end. Excellent poem for people to read and read deep.
From Denmark! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
My first time reading this. I enjoyed Sexton’s retelling of the tale which is now among the more than two hundred, as I understand it, from all over the world. A smart, though cynical, update. -GK
Narrating a fairy tale that had come through generations, in poetry form can not be that much like peanut eating. However, Anne has done it marvellously. She deserves very well the positioning. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. X
A heroine of a fairy tale or folk tale who is maltreated by a malevolent stepmother but achieves happiness and marries a prince through the benevolent intervention of a fairy godmother so beautifully told......simply amazing ......... thanks for sharing
Simply amazing. The imagination and build up here is worth several reads, ., .
Like a love letter into an envelope, Like two dolls in a museum case .....Simply Amazing lines and amazing poem. Had to save this one.. for sure!
Even better than the orginal tale.