(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Am, amalgam!
With the ways of life;
Proof, roof!
With the ways of mankind;
Very sensible and very careful;
But, with the sweet muse of peace and joy.

Cinderella, real, dear, ear, read, deal, lead, led, lad, near, cine, line, den, era, dine;
Prove, rove!
Playing along in the garden of love to discover the sweet muse of peace.
Cover, discover!
With the muse of the joy in your heart;
And, into the forest of peace to rest your mind in the land of your muse.

Hoe, how!
To inspire and be inspired;
By the ways of peace and the ways of sweet love,
In the land of beautiful flowers whare joy reigns.

Quite safe with the laws;
Reluctantly agreeing to love;
And, for a better tomorrow in the land of peace.

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nice poem Cinderella.do read my one's too