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Cinderella, why do you wish to be like anyone else?
Your fine by yourself.
People notice you because your different

Cinderella, why do you wish to be pretty?
What you have is called inner beauty
I’m not giving you my pity

Cinderella, Why don’t you stand up to those snobs?
They are garbage compared to you
The people who rob
End up blue

Cinderella, Why don’t you take what’s yours?
And not just dust either
Stop doing those chores

Cinderella, Why don’t you go out?
Not as a maid but who you really are
Go a different route
You will shine like a star

Cinderella, why don’t you let the beauty out?
The prince will like you for you
Go out and about
Forget the glass shoe

Cinderella, why don’t you forget its midnight?
Show the prince who you really are
You wont win without a fight
I’m telling you shine like star

Be yourself not someone else

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Sooooo beautiful...! ! ! !
waaaah....... coool.... nice nd true... very good advice...4every1... may god bless u
wow.. yes.. you are so great, , be yourself not one else.. great write..
Priscilla, this is a lovely piece, loved how you took a fairy tale character and moulded it into your poem theme and gave us this wonderful advise poem - TO BE YOURSELF! ! Gr8 going~ <>
Yeah, I really enjoyed that. Well done. Esra Sloblock