Cinderella And The Dog

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Cinderella and her dog
sat at home on the old log.
Sisters had gone to the dance
homely ones did have no chance.

Said the dog 'my Cinderella,
may I be this evening's fella,
we could wash and dress with care
and could make a handsome pair.'

She had raised her bushy brow,
asked the clever dog just how
they would get into the castle
while avoiding a big hassle.

'You are nothing but a mutt,
always scratching your big butt,
full of craziness and fleas
barely reach up to my knees.'

Dog had motives quite ulterior,
said 'I'm not at all inferior,
every dog, on the inside
hides a man beneath his hide.

All it needs is one French Kiss,
which in turn produces bliss,
makes me into your own prince
(turns away and quickly grins) ,

Bravely Cinderella acts,
knowing only half the facts.
Kisses him for one whole hour
to release that magic power.

But no miracle breaks free,
dog lifts leg now, just to pee,
doesn't seem the least surprised,
she has still not realised

that the dog has pulled her leg.
So she now begins to beg:
'I will kiss you one more time,
please come out, man in your prime.

Let me tell you that your breath
is far worse than Father Death.'
So, they kiss again and linger
as the Emperor's own singer

happens to be wand'ring by,
carrying a rhubarb pie.
'Sir', pleads pretty Cinderella,
you, the singer Pico Bella,

can you give us some advice? '
Pico says 'You have nice eyes,
but a mutt will stay a mutt,
into man a mutt cannot

metamorph through simple kissing,
since he has genetics missing.'
Well, she turned now to the critter,
hot, enraged and really bitter,

'How could YOU, a lowly dog
who sleeps in a hollow log
trick me into kissing French
with your halitosis stench? '

'Look', he answered, 'truly sorry,
first, I had to have a story,
all my life I've not been kissed,
but I am a journalist.

Hired by the King's own wife,
never gotten into strife.
Learned that one can grab a chance
if the lady likes to dance.'

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