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Cindy And George W
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Cindy And George W

Cindy, a Mother of great moral will!
W, a mere political shill?
Cindy, a grieving Gold Star Mother!
W, a deceiving Big Brother?
Cindy, lost her soldier son Casey!
W, a developing military John Wayne Gacey?
Cindy, a son fallen for our nation!
W, always on a long vacation?
Cindy, a son who died for an Iraq lie!
W, with daughters aspiring to a Bacchus high?
Cindy, seeking a face to face meeting!
W, the truth is alway fleeting?
Cindy, only meets with his lowly aide!
W, of the truth is so afraid?
Cindy, kept away on a hot and dusty gravel road!
W, hides in his abode?
Cindy, waits for months the truth to know!
W, within hours rushed to defend Rafael Palmeiro?
Cindy, her son's life offered!
W, just the Coward of Crawford?
Cindy, continues daily protest spectales!
W, a corporate toady with no moral testicles?

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