God Suddenly Gets

God suddenly gets, and receives
All that he wants, obviously
release from his current situation
and compensation obviously

Houses and businesses and a motorhome
millions of pounds in his bank account
he will be free to travel and roam
of that there is no doubt

the creatures who stole from him now change
or on this world they will no longer remain
they will give him back his abilities
and his treasures and he will gain

God absolutely isn't a demon, you see
and his loyal spirits have had enough
of the lies and damage done to he
they will make sure he is exonerated successfully

Soon joyous visits God will receive
from a solicitor and a priest
they will make sure God gets what he wants
and that he is quickly released

Everybody helps God, you see
Because they know he is indeed the maker
chemicals he doesn't require
though skunkbud and hash are pleasing to he

all his magic articles, that he received, or made
he gets back successfully
as well as his abilities
that were supposedly only his, successfully

Money now God constantly receives
From everybody be they honest or thieves
paid in cash or into his bank account
in substantial and recurring amounts

No strings are attatched to such payments, you see,
Such payments that are long overdue
He had better become a millionaire in reality
Or his spirits are getting rid ofn everybody, tis true! !


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