A Vale Of Brightness

Night is the darkness,
Day is the lightness,
Love is written across the oceans of emotions,
Death is a song of our lives as we dance our last jives,
Poetry is our hearts taking a high dive
Into inviting waters, a burst of feeling so alive,
Music is our sweet serenader our mood invader,
Nature is our zest for living as we feel the best,
Family is our anchor to feel the safety and take a rest,
Words can be brutal but words can be a star at night
Shining with all it's glorious might
To hold our hands in the darkness of the night,
To embrace our hearts and souls caressed by a holy light,
As we struggle and fight to find our way through the darkness
Through the lightness,
We find an ocean of goodness
That surges through our eternal souls,
To bring us into a vale of brightness.

by Hazel Durham

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