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Circle K Fright

Circle K Fright

My eyes leap up,
Offa my head,
Like a mad dog,
A mean black dog,
Deep in his sleep,
Thinking about,
Something to eat,
Waking in fright,
Bumpin my side,
Jaws open wide,
Leap going high,
Hair spiking out.

He looks insane,
Nostrils all flared,
Blowing out flames,
Sucking in air.

My white gut runs,
Face turning red,
Moon legs walking,
Fear turning dead.
Bloody red wet,
Brass fish ooze,
Coating my tongue.
Can’t find a space
From black well hung.

Intense black face,
With steel wire barb,
And plats of hair,
Whipping skull charms,
Cut through the air.

Circle K fright,
On Friday night,
Gangbangers huntin’,
Wanting to fight.

He shoves the door,
Shoulders truck wide,
Eyes spitting blood,
From front to side.

I pay my bill,
And exit with care,
Hoping he’s gone,
Away from here.

Then see him lift
His little girl,
Kissing her cheek,
Stroking her curl.

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