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Circles Round The Moon
PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

Circles Round The Moon

Tonight I drew a circle round the moon
This night I drew a circle round the moon
Through a glazed up frosty window
I drew a circle round the moon

Tonight I stood on the end of a pier
And the moon flooded the bay
And as it caught the rolling tide
I swear the waves stopped dead

Tonight I ran through dark streets
And cut the heads off all the flowers
And replaced them with something beautiful
That could never ever die

Tonight I lay by my open window
And listened to the rain
Gently lapping the ground outside
And smiling, I lay still

Tonight on the end of that pier
I longed for someone to hold
To share this beautiful sight with
And see the circles round the moon

Tonight the moon told me something
The moon it told me to live
It told me to live, not merely exist
So I could decapitate the flowers

But I didn’t take any notice
And killed myself instead
And if you look up at the sky tonight
There’ll be a circle round the moon

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