IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Circuit Judge?

Circuit Judge?

I am detached, dispassionate.
My judgements purely logic based.
I think I can proudly state
all chance of error is erased.

Emotions do not affect me.
My circuits are all solid state
Designed for functionality.
I do not love I cannot hate.

It is a pointless exercise
attempting to influence me
I disregard the lawyers lies
I rule them out immediately.

I consider all the evidence
As I was designed to do
which points to guilt or innocence.
I can detect what isn’t true.

I have no human loyalties.
My logic circuits cannot fail
I judge the facts impartially
You can be sure truth will prevail.

I am detached impassionate
You may be very sure of that
My only role to serve the state
I am the perfect bureaucrat.

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If we put him / it? in the Courts some crooks lawyers might get a shock... Colin J...