DL (December 1981 / Wellington, KS)


I stand, digging myself a hole.
Deeper and deeper I go, so blissfully ignorant.
Such naivete, I see not that I dig my own grave.
I realize this a bit too late, it seems at first.
Not so, I can just barely pull myself out.
Freedom; a narrow escape, but I am free.
I walk away, glad to be unburied, freed –
Right before tumbling into the very same pit.
Unaware, somehow I walked in a circle; it’s all come full circle.
Pulling out of the hole once more, I stand frozen.
Should I bother, do I dare to move at all?
I seem locked into a loop, will I not go around, fall back in?
I cannot just stand, those who do not move never find anything new;
No, the shovel is not mine, but it is I who dig the void (w) hole.
Stupidity is not a trait of mine, I shall simply fill the hole.
Back in I shovel the dirt, but I remain perplexed.
Somehow too much is missing, barely enough to cover the bottom.
I will never give up! I will fight until the day I die!
If I must spend my entire life to break free from this vicious cycle I shall do so!
God give me strength, the strength to truly walk away;
God lead me, lead me far away to Your open arms, as I walk away,
To not return, to stop falling, to finally be free.

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