Red yellow and green rays lit the way,
To the best rated show on earth in town.
A grand tent welcomed all to come down.
Hurry, hurry and step through the gateway.

The scene is the greatest you’ll ever see,
You’ll see trapeze acrobats and clowns.
Elephants and monkeys are ready to frown.
Times running out the drama is not free.

Tickets here get your tickets for tonight.
Here, here candy, hot dogs and root beer.
You will be awed by the dancing bears.
It is promised to be a spectacular night.

Buy programs for only five ninety a spot.
Flash lights merely three seventy nine.
T-shirt’s are just ten dollars in this line.
Get big stuffed animals for your tots.

The band started to beat a traditional song.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome and hello.
It is time to start the magnificent show.
Look as all the animals enter along.

One by one the performers took there place.
The jugglers were showcased first this time.
Tossing balls and arrows ever so correctly fine.
The act was a success to the audience faces.

Suddenly a fancy pranced into the action.
He giggled loud at the laughing tricksters.
Be gone be gone give me your twisters.
Four more jesters entered the attraction.

Onlooker’s bellowed aloud at the rendition.
Distant tunes marked the end of the first part
A fifteen minute break wasn’t too long apart.
We will be back soon for the next presentation.

A whistle blew and the trapeze took to the air
And acrobats tumbled below the flying masters
Costumes and makeup enhanced the flashers
The gymnasts were all swinging in perfect pairs

At last it was time for the animals to play
The monkeys hopped around the ring
And the lions and bears balled around in sink
The crowd relished every second of the display

Finally the elephants marched onto the stage
Each paraded around the circlet of beams
A lively bunch clapped and screamed
Enjoying the last epic for this day and age

The ultimate escort entered in exact file
Thank you for viewing our achievements
Please come back and see our entertainments
Goodnight and farewell to our fantastic profile.

by Monica Engeler

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Hey Monica great poem, keep writing Peace out, from Marissa: -)