NJC (18/2/71 / Jaipur, india)

Circus Of Life

The stage has been set
For the beautiful and rich to perform
It's my important role
To see that curtains have been drawn

I play my role
With sincerity of my soul
Now I have no desire
To be in limelight
And be a cynosure

There was also once in time
When with all my zeal
I had learnt my lines
When I too thought
Like an idealist mind
Visage of the world
Had to be redefined

It was just a
folly of my youth
Here so many lies
Wear charades of truth
It's not always the best who win
Just half baked goods come out of kiln

Not what you know
Will help you out
But to which herd you belong
Which one is your clout

Oftentimes its genetics
That you carry within
That gives you the ticket
Where every match you win

The aggressive not assertive
The predators not progressive
The selfish not the selfless
That do rule make a mess

One who shouts the loudest
Is the only one who's heard
bombs that make the graveyards
Of thriving civilisations, that earn

Here golden garish objects
Are valued as Nobel gold
Intrinsic value of humans
Can hardly have a hold

Pretty packages with greedy needs
Making waves, none see their deeds

So I have resigned in good faith
My place in time and life
To take everyday as a gift
Of a power higher and Devine

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Rudyard Kipling


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life is a circus and sometimes we are the clowns. But we take it each day as it comes a good write on life