City Lights

Empty road, empty life,
Struggling to be his perfect wife,
Daily drama of lost socks,
When all she wants to do is reminisce,

About her partying and letting it rock.
Trees, hedges and wild berries,
Just makes her feel sad not merry,
City lights dazzle with impact,

Of over a million heartbeats,
With a throng that never retreats.
Now she is surrounded by cattle and horses,
Wellington boots instead of her stilettos,

Her ruggedly handsome husband,
Far removed now from his dicky bows,
He smells of silage with straw strewn on his check shirt,
Emptiness has trapped her in dirt,

Of muck and manure,
Her baby kicks inside her womb,
She knows she will have to try and endure,
She loves her hubby with his soul so pure,

But city lights shine from her smile,
The distant sound of the constant beat,
Of over a million feet,
Her silk suits with her hair sculptured into a bun,

Lunch with the girls having so much fun,
Her heartache is tearing her at the seams,
Like never been allowed to see the rising sun,
Romance made her dance into a stunning dream,

About her man the kindest and loving man she will ever meet,
This empty road leads back to Dublin's streets,
To embrace the dawn of living,
She must run to make sure her baby has a life of fun,

Along familiar streets,
And coastline treats,
Her life will be a success,
Not a rural defeat!

by Hazel Durham

Comments (10)

A beautiful comparative study of rural and urban lives. A difficult topic but the poetess has nicely managed it.
Hey! This is so creative. I like this poem so much. Thanks for sharing.
In empty road and empty life still city light pour rays to live with great attitude in understanding life. Marvellous work shared on. Each line presents the reality about life and really beautiful poem.
Sounds like this girl got the life she wanted but maybe a little earlier than she wanted it all. Someone who loves the present but lives in the past from time to time. At least through it all she got one handsome husband who she loves dearly. Nice piece.
Hazel is surely back with her thrilling themes and unique style of writing. This is surely a powerful poem which seeks to capture the uncertainty and unpredictable nature of human life. Nothing is beyond possibility, anything can happen. Lets live a room in our hearts for the unimaginable......great write....well done!
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