(December / Manila Philippines)

City Of Pines

To me it’s a mountain, to some it’s a hill
I have traveled south, far east and west
This tiny mound on the map is my idyllic hideaway

An earthquake and a mudslide tried to bury it once
But the city is alive and stood right back up
Just to give you a lift and a sneak peek to paradise

White morning fog gives out a heavenly feel
The wild exotic orchids bloom throughout the year
Sunny or rain the pine scented air is refreshingly cool

Beautiful sunrise turns on a nice morning chill
A colorful city with flowering gardens and trees
Bring home a flower everlasting and it will never die

Biting into a fresh fruit is sinfully cleansing
In the slopes you can walk, talk and eat all at once
Eat a whole roasted chicken you won’t gain an ounce

Walking the streets your poisons magically burn
A shish kabob on the left and a puff on the right
Never had I imagined how good combination that was

Day or night this is a city of tireless delight
A native on their dailies in a g-string is not taboo
People smile even when they are missing a tooth

Season is fair you can wear a jacket or a tiny tank
You can walk barefooted or a worn out flip flops
Nobody will stare or notice you are ssslightly zany

Looking for a temple, a church or a mosque
Light an incense stick or do the sign of the cross
This city has it all without a question which way you go

If you are a city girl and never been on a horse
Need to learn to ride a bike or hide and seek in the park
A football field of audience why not do a concert of your own

Hunting for antiques, mountain silvers or a fine cadet
You can carry a big peewee statue or kiss your friend’s date
Nobody will mind because every one is a tourist just like you

Kay Barcelon

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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i wish i could spend my whole life in that city. nice poem, kay!