Don'T Mess With My Food

From the Fall of Man the Devil messed with our Food Choice
Humanity's blind nature came, not adhering to Father's voice
I'm talking about an evil foe tampering with our food selections
It started in the Garden of Eden, now evil inverts seed injections

Man is the worst of foes who often tampers with most of our foods
Hybrids, pesticide sprays, to polluting the ground from these dudes
Chemicals, not natural alternatives, are used for commercial greed
Not enough time or books to test the patients who'll later bleed

Man has polluted almost all that God's given, us to use naturally
Trying to outlaw goods in Health Shops without a Doctor's validity
Next they'll try and cattle brand us for feed or a subtle slaughter
Sign-up as an Organ Donor and time may be up~ sooner than it oughta

by ArmourQuill Hunter

Comments (6)

Or possibly he is writing his feeling about his city.
I agree with Briana beacuse maybe he's talking about the Civil War or he is just writing about the city that he is feeling.
This poem comes across to me as a man that has grew up in a peaceful city but now the city has turned and he must attempt to restore it.
Perhaps kristine, he isn't talking about a specific city, maybe the 'City of the world..' or perhaps America if he is talking about the Civil War. Or maybe he is just writing about a city in a general sense of the feeling of a city.
i dont think Whitman is talking about a certain city in general but how all people feel of their hometown, where they grew and hope to live their life, to protect and care for, and preserve for ever
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