Birds Who Refuse To Fly

We peck at each other like chickens;
we know we can fly but still choose not to try...
We laugh at the butterflies trying to swim,
while we are still on the ground never having even lifted a wing...
We judge people like a jury with few details;
we do so never even knowing who they really are...
We are too busy avoiding mirrors to evaluate ourselves,
and it's this that takes what they call humanity away...
We see butterflies drowning for ‘perfection' everyday;
we are too lost in what we see as flaws to be brave...

by Riley Choma

Comments (7)

Powerful words and thoughts shared by the great writer.
Or possibly he is writing his feeling about his city.
I agree with Briana beacuse maybe he's talking about the Civil War or he is just writing about the city that he is feeling.
This poem comes across to me as a man that has grew up in a peaceful city but now the city has turned and he must attempt to restore it.
Perhaps kristine, he isn't talking about a specific city, maybe the 'City of the world..' or perhaps America if he is talking about the Civil War. Or maybe he is just writing about a city in a general sense of the feeling of a city.
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