City Scene


Noisy Hooting Cars
Like a Swam in the Jungle
Ferrying mobs in and out
Parks of lumpens Yelling
For those who know Not
Where to find Transport Home

Dust is the Surrounding
Dirty are the Ghettos
Polluted is Our Breath
leave Not the Noise
Sourced and Echoed
Comes the public Headache
Stress and Sweat to Fatigue

Holiday makers Window Shopping
Beggars yawning and crying for Help
White Collar Gents clad in Suits
Teens dressed too careful or not
Hawkers and vendors gaping at Passers
All choiring for market

Shops parked so Close
Like a Chest of Drawers
Buyers all Chained up
Like a Trail of safari Ants
Malls and markets Parked to Brim

Dirty clean and Rowdy
Young Youth and Aged
Rich Poor and Average
All Parked together
Struggling for a Life
In this small City

by Sentamu Aziz

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