IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

City Streets

The gaudy glow of neon lights
dispels the darkness of the nights
on city streets.

They pop and fizzle noisily
creating a cacophony
on city streets.

The sober folks walk warily
and drunks stagger uncaringly
on city streets.

The ladies of the night parade
for there is money to be made
on city streets.

Drug dealers ready to retreat
if they should hear a coppers feet
on city streets.

The night shift workers wend their way
towards their work to start their day
on city streets.

The noisy revellers thin out
as one by one the signs go out
on city streets.

The gradually noises abate
and ghostly shadow congregate
on city streets.

For some few hours peace will reign
before the noise will start again
on city streets.

The early morning traffic sounds
start with the milkmen on their rounds
on city streets.

This builds up to an angry roar
as cars and lorries inward pour
on city streets

then when at last rush hour has passed
noise levels will subside at last
on city streets

I thank the lord that I am free
to leave this noise far behind me
on city streets.

I walked my beat the whole night
through exactly as I’m paid to do
on city streets.

I choose to live outside the town
where constant noise won’t get me down
on city streets.

My village is a quiet place
A haven where I need not face
the noisy streets.


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Comments (5)

fine work, picturesque!
Hi Poet, I thought I had read all your poetry. I have never read this magnificent one. You took me there with you on 'City Streets.' You write, great, great, poetry. Wonderful read.....'Enjoyed'
I like the flow of this poem, you took me on to the city streets where I saw all the hussel and bussell of the night workers. The working women and drug dealers, a sad case indeed. I think I will try harder to move to the courntyside and enjoy the view. Thankyou for this excellent poem Ivor.--Melvina--
I like the way you vary the structure in your poems. I really like the way you used enjambment and the refrain. I think for the sake of sanity I won't count syllables and stress marks but it sounds so good when I read this that I imagine you follow some other structures that have names to describe them but I'll just have to say that I like it, whatever you did-it reads well.
Ah... reading you is indeed sometimes like coming home. Grand work. t x