LF (July 1,1980 / Hollywood, Florida)


Creating the street game for believable money-
The motions of a real wise city kid.
He makes the actors play strange parts,
Makes them dance for change.

This show is real popular with the young crowd,
Dressed down minority generals.
Aimlessly steady on their way,
Unable to miss a specticle,

But dead aware of getting on with where they're going.
Thick girls- massive breasts and stretchy black t-shirts-
Pay close attention: the minstrels of
Dissapointed sex and uneasy expectations, just their speed.

Songs and dances and sparrows sing for little.
That's right, we're just like birds
Pecking at feet for pleasure...
We're bruised from side stepping.

Even the side show has enemies,
Coerced by laughter and children,
But what do we care?

Night and day
The plot never changes:

Kill, kill, kill

by loren fell

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