CH (09/19/1955 / Grafton)


Can it survive without hope, honor, and compassion?
Intensifying anger, prejudice, and fright, in any fashion,
Validates the corruption, destruction of the human race,
Insecurities fear, and dishonor is what we must face.
Learning to collectively share, stop the bigotry now.
Individualism completely supported, with a solemn vow.
Zeal for togetherness, love, and consideration for all,
Acting civilized only is the key to humankinds fall.
Telling each other we are cultured will not make it so.
I am not sure that the human race can rise from its low.
Only living each day refining ourselves, will find the key.
Now and onward of tomorrow will the true enlightened see.

by cecil hickman

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Yes only the enlightened will truly see, but can we rise up from our low, only time will tell. It truly is time that we see the light and learn to embrace the differences of others and love one another for who we are not who we want each other to be. No civilization will not survive without hope, honor and compassion, we must learn to work together to create a safe and healthy environment in which to live. I love your poem, it is now one of my favourites. You have several votes and only one comment, I wonder why that is, this is a wonderful poem.--Melvina--