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Claim Themselves Better
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Claim Themselves Better

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Many claim themselves better,
Than the actions they support.
And endorse to instigate.
Many claim themselves better.
Yet approve the doings done.
And known to participate,
In the most horrendous events.

Many claim themselves to be better,
After and not before...
Their wickedness creates an uproar!
And many claim themselves better,
When what they do to others...
Reveals their evil no longer to thrill.
No one can ignore.
To discover it more,
Those giving their approval and consent...
Now want it to be believed,
Their demonic misdeeds...
Were misinterpreted,
By the ones victimized.

The ones who should now realize,
What was done to intend...
Had not been meant,
To stir up conflict, havoc.
And racial division to begin.

"Just because the language we use,
Is spiced with heated racial sentiments.
Does not mean we should be accused,
For the rise of domestic violence.
Carried out by our own citizens.
From our point of view,
Are social misfits.
And obviously suffer mental illness.
To blame and accuse us,
Is not only appalling but ridiculous.
We are better than that."

-Prove it! -

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