Claim Your Birthright

From a land afar you have come
To find your dream rainbow
Secure your family and income
Settle in for a greater tomorrow

Yet years rudely slipped past
Knocking down your dreams
Like domino falling fast
Broken dreams, future dims

Loneliness shadowed your life
Frozen hearts, locked in chains
Suffocating inside, you strived
Buried conflicts, haunting pains

Sleep loss showed in puffy eye lids
Wasteful self-wrecking thoughts
Drowning smiles, cracking spirit to bits
Cradling in hopelessness-bouts

An angel of wisdom rushed to your aid-
For God had heard your nightly cries-
Come to rescue from your sinking state
Love pouring words, exuded in His voice:

I heard your nightly tearful prayers
Wake up my dear child, wipe your tears
Your life joys are here, not in the past
Live in the present, bury the dead past
Rejoice today for it opens doors of morrow
Incinerate every bit of yesterday's sorrow
You are on the other side of crossed river
Where you'll bear fruit of a better future
Hold fast to your passionate dream
Focus on fortune that before you, gleam
Plough and plant the seeds of happiness
In due season you'll gather, reaping happiness:
Inherit birthright-promise of joy completeness
My dearest child, rely on my faithfulness
Where you, I go, always by your side
My spirit will, within you reside
You will know my presence
By inner-knowing assurance

I bequeath you an endowment:
To achieve anything you want
You own abilities and inner strength
Believe in yourself: go the full length!
Look into the face of fear with courage
Stand your ground, when storms rage
Look into the face of fear with courage
Stand your ground, when storms rage
Go! Become your dream's best shining star!
Arise, become the real person, you are!
Beloved, past taught lessons, so never go back
Avoid negative persons sowing seeds that are bad
Mingle with who'd light your path
Friends who you'd gladly walk with
Chart your path clearly
Tread this path carefully
Persist until your succeed!
Its earned success, you'll agree!
Go my dear! Let dreams come true!
It's your birthright, all along, you knew!


by Paul Sebastian

Comments (3)

Fantastic.....! ! What great counsel....! It cannot be otherwise, for it is given by God! Enjoyed the total spirit of the poem and enjoyed each line! The story of the immigrants who migrate to alien lands and wait patiently to have a foot hold in life! Top marks!
wonderful expression of thought during the troubled period..Yes, we have to claim our birthright, from another 'KLite'
So beautiful, Paul. This is also a story of many refugees, who come to a new land and wait to be accepted and start a new life and have waited for many years. The claim for a birthright is rooted in the faith in the heart, in God who is there to help them. And for many among them, this victorious faith in a brighter tomorrow has proven true in their dreams which are fulfilled after long patience, hope and faith.