Growing Older

Sleepless nights,
Age showing through now.
Arms speckled, hands too.
Skin so thin it wrinkles when touched.
Mind still sharp,
Most of the time.
Senior moments getting longer,
Hardly worth a dime.
Things take a litte longer
Stairs to climb
Shopping too.
Putter more it seems I do.
Time together is so dear,
Going last is what I fear.
I love my Jim
Oh so much,
Eyes get cloudy when I think of him.
Our life together has been a blast!
Too short though
for most has past.
Continue getting old together,
Say I love you more.
It feels so good to hear it!
I love you honey,
You raise my spirits!
I'll love you til the day I die,
And beyond that time
We will be together
My Sweetie Pie!


by Gwen Newcomb

Comments (2)

Saw a child hungry and frail, With glassy longing eyes.. i offered.............. a fine poem....... of love and concern.... May God live in you and bless you.. tony
The delicious taste of eclairs melting into the warmth of kindness. Lovely poem with sweet rhyme. Thanks.