Poem Hunter
ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)


All the superiors they call people for citizenship on Mars.
They have already put up borders and barriers there.
Nowadays there are food and some other shortages on earth as they export everything there.
Priority has given to Politicians and Crooks and they call tenders for brewers including illicit liquor manufacturers, Prostitutes, Gamblers, underworld and et cetera.
They are highly paid and get more benefits there.
For Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Electricians and rest of the engineering field get multiple visas.
So it seems they take everybody and everything from the earth and the planet would be a Vacuum very soon.
The preachers they have not decided yet?
One thing is certain that they are going to cleanse the earth.
It’s praiseworthy anyhow this kind of Pragmatism as the newcomers on earth can make a better place with the remaining Preachers.

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Comments (2)

This one has your tongue firmly in your cheek, I imagine? Very clever poem, Nimal. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Very satirical and provocative. Food for thought indeed. Kindest regards, Sandra