Clairvoyant Kinesics


It was 3AM I suppose, or to be precise
A complete hour of sleeplessness and
I was walking behind or rather following
The footsteps of that decrepit old body.
Her hoary head signified semaphores,
Illuminating and reflecting a way onward,
Onward to a curvilinear farness.
Her bent shuffled maneuvers were like
The surges of the tides that rise and
Culminate on the shore becoming arches
And while I was at the verge of losing myself
Amidst the labyrinth of her creased
And sagged skin
I realized that it was me.
It was kinesics with my distant aged self.

I just traveled
Through the furrowed copious vacuum
Of clairvoyance created in my mind.

~Nayanika Dey

From: India
Copyright ©: 6 July,2016

Comments about Clairvoyant Kinesics

Hi Nayanika, May I invite you to read the poem 3 AM by Sister Frances on the PH! You may not find it on ph now, for she has chosen to live in the oblivion, may be for the time being. But, you would find a Hindi translation of the poem, by the same name 3 AM by Ms Kavita Singh. So, please read it, in Kavita's pages. And if I remember right, I have posted the original in English on the page from my archives for the benefit of the readers. Thank you...

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